How Important is a Handshake at Job Interview?

How Important is a Handshake at Job Interview?

What Your Handshake at Job Interview Says About You

A good handshake at job interview is an essential part of any job interview. In accordance to researchers at the institute of University of Iowa, a firm handshake can define how the rest of the interview goes, and several make a more strong impression than how you’re dressed or what you look like.

In accordance to the research, if your handshake is weak or awkward, interviewers will start off with a negative impression of your candidacy. If your handshake is firm and confident, interviewers are more prone to finding you a perfect fit.

In other words, while individuals spend hours and hours on interview preparation, some people remember that the handshake is a significant part of the interview, and hence provide a weak handshake that proves possible weaknesses in your character.

What Should You Do?

When you meet someone for the first time, take the initiative to hold out your hand and give them a handshake. Use a firm grip and shake their hand with some decent up and down action. Also, as you’re shaking their hand, look them in the eye, smile, and do not focus on the handshake itself. Instead, focus on introducing yourself to the employer.

Handshakes might not seem significant, but they are part of the non-verbal communication that you display to your employer, and research confirms that a powerful handshake is an indicator of a victorious interview. Shake hands with confidence and do not be afraid to squeeze a little.

Take Away Interview Tips for Handshake at Job Interview

  • Always maintain your eye contact and give a firm grip.
  • Actively shake the hands of those you meet.


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