Candidate is 10 minutes late for Interview

The candidate is 10 minutes late.

The HR manager says to cross him off the list. As the hiring manager, I asked her to give him a chance. After 15 minutes, candidate arrives and apologizes.

He said he woke up late because he mistakenly set his phone alarm for the wrong time. The interview went well and I told the HR manager he is the best fit. She was not impressed. She said reaching late is non-negotiable.

I let her know that one mistake does not discount a candidates experience and skills. We butted heads but having the final say, I trusted my gut and hired him.

This guy ended up being one of my top performers. So many times companies lose good employees because of an inflexible checklist. There’s no “perfect” candidate. We are all human and life happens. The main focus should be if the candidate has the right skills and attitude to get the job done. Sometimes you just have to take a chance on someone.

Instead of focusing on disqualifiers, let’s focus on qualifiers. Focus on what value a person can bring.

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